Meet the Sockless Family

Note: At this point, I am choosing not to share pictures of the family. This is subject to change at my whim and without any major announcements because.. well.. that how I roll.


30 yrs old. Sweet as pie. Awesome Daddy, Amazing husband. Has the ability to fall asleep at the drop of a hat.. no matter where we are or what we are doing. The twerp.

Gertrude Ann

8 years old and my only girl. She is so considerate and helpful. Loving and SUPER sensitive… Disorganized as all get out, and fickle as the weather.


My oldest son at 7 years old. Bubba has ADHD and mood disorder. We are still in testing for the rest of the deal. Started a medication, not a stimulant, and not up for comment or debate. Ok. One of multiple meds. One is a stimulant. Sweetheart, HILARIOUS and kind.


One of my 3.5 year old fraternal twin boys. Multiple diagnosis’.  Highly likely Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as others. I will likely write about my fight for him to receive the services he deserves, since this is a major component of my life right now. Diagnosed as Autism Spectrum Disorder. Still fighting for services. Mad is also super loving, funny, and all around adorable.


The second born of my 3.5 year old fraternal twin boys. Moose does not show any signs of ASD and if anything is socially advanced for his age.  He is a goofy boy and loves him some Batman spongebob bubbleguppies whatever he saw last.


Trouble just turned 3. His blog name is trouble… that should speak for itself! I love every little naughty breath he takes. Can I eat him up?????


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