Seriously? Green?

Sooo.. I forgot to buy the stupid blue light bulbs..

Yeah. I had to call around to about 10 different hardware stores in my town to find them. So naturally, I panicked. What? You think I over-reacted? PSH.. I had made of thing of it on here, I HAD to have this dumb bulb.

I ran to the store, grabbed one, payed for it (Umm.. 5 dollars for a 25 watt bulb? WTF?), ran home, and began the installation process…

Please imagine this is my home ( I know, I suck. Words won’t describe though):

Notice the Christmas wreath. Yeah, I'm lazy. I'm also short.

You’ll see something unusual about my porch light. First, the claw like protrutions make it darn near impossible to remove OR install a bulb. Second, the bulb I had in there casts a yellowish light. It needed a new bulb anyway, so I got to work. Several drops of blood and missing flesh later, I had done it! The dumb bulb was in!

Now to stand back and admire my handiwork. Also, prepare short speeches about Autism for the questions that were sure to flood in (insert eye roll here). I stood back, held the papertowel to my wounds to staunch the bleeding, and what did I see?


DANGIT! The glass was yellow, not the stupid old bulb that was in there. Now I was freaking lighting it up green? What does green even stand for?  There was blue light shining in a craptastic pattern above and below the light… That counts right? I kept telling myself it was blue enough (totally wasn’t blue btw), and as long as the questions got asked, it was worth it.

Guys? Not one person so much as looked twice. My house looked like a box of crayola crayons. The green and yellow and blue, oh, don’t forget the red from my blood.

UGH. The kicker? It’s not bright enough to see the door, and since hubby works nights? I need to switch the dumb thing back to the regular bulb.

Thanks, Autism. You win. AGAIN.


A day of pride and celebration

I’m sure anyone who would happen upon this blog has heard of this awareness campaign. For those who haven’t, starting tonight and ending on April 3rd, families affected by Autism will change their outside light bulbs to blue. The idea is to create an opportunity to communicate and educate others about Autism. Hopefully, your neighbors, friends and family will ask why your house is blue, and you can raise awareness.

This is a campaign that originates with Autism Speaks, an organization dedicated to Autism awareness and education, among other things Autism related.

This is exciting for me. My first event as an official Autism Mom. A chance to help others understand that Autism is not always “rainman.” That while Autism affects 1 in 110, not every one of those affected children is the same. As a matter of fact, most of them are very different. That they are still people. That they still have feelings and emotions, even if some of them have trouble identifying feelings and emotions of others.

There seems to be differing opinions regarding this day. Some people stating that EVERY day should be a chance to educate the public. Some saying that Autism Speaks is hardly the most wonderful source of information and ideals within our community.

I can’t say that I completely understand the division. We are a community. I would even go so far as to say we are a family.  Naturally, every day should be a day for education and raising awareness but that isn’t always going to be enough. This reaches far and wide. It provides opportunities that we might not otherwise have.

But (and I realize I shouldn’t begin a sentence like this, but sometimes it fits), it is more than just education and awareness for me. It is PRIDE. It breaks down the barriers and stigma. We are NOT refrigerator mothers! We are proud of our children and believe in WHO they are. They are wonderful, fun-loving, silly, quirky and deliciously NOMable. Just like typical children. I want to shout that to the world!

I am not ashamed of my child and his differences. While I don’t believe that everyone who opposes Light it Up Blue are ashamed, I am going to take this opportunity to show the world the beauty that is my baby boy.

As for me and my house.. we shall be awash in blue. I will feel pride every time I drive past a house lit in blue, and I will cry tears of happiness as I watch the country join in my celebration.