When life hands you lemons…

I’m back, mostly. Maybe not as frequently as I might like at this point, but I’m back anyway.

My surgery was a little more complicated than we originally thought. The good news: NO cancer. The bad news? My bladder was completely adhered to my uterus and was in serious trouble. They fixed that while they were in there, but DUDE… OUCH. Instead of being out of work for 2 weeks, I will be out 6 total. Thank God for Short term Disability benefits.

Hubby had to reschedule his surgery due to my complications and some newly developed high blood pressure… Anyone see a relationship there? He always said that I raised his blood pressure, but I never believed him until now! His surgery was rescheduled for the end of the June.

THEN.. Yes, THEN… Turns out the woman who owns the house we live in has not been paying the mortgage with our rent money.. That means the house is in foreclosure, was sold and we are now having to vacate the premises by June 17th. Yeah. Oh.. let’s not forget, find a house big enough for us, in a decent neighborhood, with rent we can afford, and make up a first months rent and deposit by then. AWESOME.

Hubby has now rescheduled his surgery until the end of July, so that we can move. Poor guy.

We have found a home and are in the process of packing.. Which sucks. BIG. Like REALLY big.

THEN.. oh, yes.. another THEN. Moosey was running around the driveway.. barefoot, of course (WHAT??? I hate socks, remember???), tripped and fell on a metal bracket from the shelves we are taking down in the garage. He gashed his foot open and we spent the better part of our afternoon and evening at the ER debating stitches vs. glue vs. who the hell knows what else, while steadily ticking him off by poking his foot. Good times.

Mad is all worked up because of the chaos and is starting to bolt out of the door, into the street, down the block, through the store.. wherever he can. He having a rough time. We are going to lose his home teacher we love so much.

Oh my gosh.. I need prayers you guys. And maybe some movers. Or a bottle of wine.

P.S : I love the new house! More details in another post.


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  1. Flannery
    May 20, 2011 @ 13:44:59

    THAT TOTALLY SUCKS!!! So sorry to hear that the crap is hitting the fan all at once. I’m glad you found something quickly though, and hope the move goes okay. Try to get some rest when you can, hard I know.



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