Everyone in Line!

Mad-Hatter has been on a roll lately. Probably a paper towel roll, but a roll none the less.  He has been showing us his sensory seeking behavior on a much more frequent basis. More than flapping, rocking, and paper ripping, I’m talking about weird noises, lining up everything that isn’t nailed down, and getting into danger.

I have gone through approximately 5 rolls of paper towels and three rolls of toilet paper in two days. While my family is large, and does indeed use a lot of these items, this is pretty dang excessive. I.E:

I was cooking dinner friday night. Some kind of shrimp, peas and boxes of Pasta Roni. Gourmet, I know. I had the boxes on the counter, and Mad came into the room. He didn’t say anything, just walked in, watched me stir the pot, then left. Until the time came for me to grab the boxes and add the contents. All of the boxes were lined up in a neat little row across the counter. Gee, I wonder who did that.

Went into the living room to call the kids for dinner. I stepped on a REALLY freaking sharp pointy thing. I looked down and saw a row of dinosaurs from one side of the room to the other. YEAH. Ok. Mad’s been here, I see.


The kids weren’t in the living room anyway (of course not, they actually go play when I want them close). I walked down the hall and saw that Mad’s bedroom door was closed. This is NOT GOOD. This is like DEFCON  at our house. I tried to burst into the room to stop him from whatever he is doing that he shouldn’t be. The door slammed into something and I about broke my neck when I hit the door head first. (BTW, all of the other four where laughing their butts off. At least I am good for something, huh?) I push my way into the room ( I knew it wasn’t him behind the door, just an FYI).

I saw that he had ripped the screen off and was throwing the entire contents of the room out of his window. The window with the built in screens that he ripped… The window with the baby locks that he had disengaged…. People.. WTF am I supposed to do now?

I am out of ideas. We have door locked from the inside and require a key to open, on both older kids bedrooms, the bathroom and the front door. What else do I need to do here?? He can figure out how to unlock the doors if the key is nearby, so they are kept in our pockets. If he gets into the bathroom, he will clog the toilet, ruin all of the paper and cover himself in bandaids. I’m screwed here guys. I have no idea how to keep him safe like this.

He has been stuck behind the bunkbed and the wall ( ala Trouble a few weeks ago), locked himself out of the house, tried to give himself a bath in the kitchen sink.. TWICE, locked ME out of the house, broken a decoration and the new media cabinet, ripped his mattress… OMG, my head hurts.

Before anyone accuses me of not watching him (which is what I get from my parents and in-laws), I AM watching him. I am freaking always there. It’s like he waits for the 5 minutes I have to go to the bathroom, get the mail, switch the clothes in the washer and dryer, or am dealing with another child.

Anyone feel like giving advice? I can’t just sit there and stare at him, and that isn’t going to help him learn to be independent, either. Why does no one prepare you for the “child” proofing needed for these kids? Please guys, what would you do? What has worked for you?


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  1. lynnes
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 13:55:01

    The only idea I have is for window guards, the kind you install to keep small children from falling through screens, but if he can get the screen out and the window open on his own, I doubt they’ll be very effective. They may actually make it worse by giving him something to climb on. It’s so frustrating that anyone questioned that you were watching him. You were also making dinner – my son has a killer instinct for maximizing mayhem during the dinner prep hour.


    • sockmommy
      Apr 18, 2011 @ 13:58:17

      Thanks for having faith that I don’t let my kids run naked through the streets. I never really understood how they decided that. Today alone he has destroyed 3 sticks of deodorant and a brand new bottle of shampoo. **SIGH**


  2. Lizbeth
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 17:26:10

    This reminds me of that scene in Jurassic Park when the kids are in the kitchen and are like, “lets hope they don’t know how to work the doors.” Pan right, and the raptors are opening the kitchen door. Uh oh. It takes an IQ (and it sounds like you’re little one is pretty smart) and about 5 miliseconds for things to happen. Sigh.

    Short of threatening him within an inch of his life, here’s what I do…. I take away THE most valuable thing he has if he misbehaves (right now I-pad) and stick to my guns. Its miserable for ALL of us as he reacts horribly but it seems to work. He has to be really bad before I go that route but he knows I’m good for it.

    Hugs—this is a sticky situation where you’re at your witts end and what I suggest is not for the weak of heart. It gets worse before it gets better with my route, but it DOES get better.


    • sockmommy
      Apr 22, 2011 @ 08:42:04

      I’m going to have to suck it up and do something about it, huh? Laziness will not work? DARN.
      I have just recently found out that Moose (Mad’s twin) is egging him on about a lot of the mischief…. Interesting. That one I can deal with more easily!


      • Lizbeth
        Apr 22, 2011 @ 17:12:57

        Ohhh, not the instigator…I have one of those. They start all the problems and the other one gets in trouble. Now when trouble’s up I automatically look at the other one first!!!

      • sockmommy
        Apr 25, 2011 @ 10:21:01

        Instigator is probably a lot better than what we have taken to calling him.. We have been using Booger Head.. maybe too immature for a mommy?

  3. Shannon
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 09:07:14

    I’m sorry to laugh, but this is all SO familiar to me! I have two children on the spectrum and chaos tends to abound while I’m in the bathroom, making dinner or otherwise occupied. Our house has a waterline of drawings and writings on the walls that vaires in height depending upon how high my daughter was able to climb, everything of value is either broken or locked away, we have alarms on the front windows and locks on the fridge and freezer. I’ve found locking things up tp be pretty effective.

    Maybe Home Depot or Lowe’s would have something that might help with the screen ripping? I fixed the ones my kids popped out but could only repair the one that wasn’t completely destroyed. The other one…well, we just don’t open that window. If there’s a childproof anti-rip screen available, the Lowe’s or HD people should know.


    • sockmommy
      Apr 22, 2011 @ 09:17:25

      Laughter is not only accepted but much appreciated. If I can’t laugh even a little about this stuff, I will lose my mind. Probably quickly and in an ugly manner. Thanks for the idea about HD or Lowes. I will check with them, and let you know what I find out!
      We agree with your “don’t open” the windows with broken screens. I think we have 4 windows that cannot be opened now 🙂


  4. Lynn
    Apr 21, 2011 @ 18:09:05

    Well I would absolutely never judge you because it’s amazing what kids can do in just a couple of nanoseconds. Kids are so so different…with my daughter we use social stories for everything because that’s the way her brain works…if it’s in writing then it’s like carved in stone. But obviously that doesn’t work in every situation, and where safety is concerned you can’t take chances. Sorry I don’t have any great ideas!!


    • sockmommy
      Apr 22, 2011 @ 09:19:46

      At least you took the time to try 🙂 I have tried some really short social stories, but he doesn’t seem to be at that level yet. Developmentally, we are still just about 2 years old. I did try the “if you don’t dirty your diaper it makes Mommy happy!” deal… He now goes.. well.. everywhere but in his diaper. LOL. Gotta give him credit, he is listening to me at least.


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