Speeches and Senators

So yesterday was a busy day. I was to get up in front of a room of senator’s and senator’s aids, and speak. PPPFTTT. No problem! HA, sure. Right. Perfect. There are other issues my family faces that I will get into more detail about in another post, but for now, you just need to know that I was to get up there, tell my whole sordid story and show the Senators how their funding is helping give people their lives back. That their funding and support is necessary and a wonderful gift. Why me? I have no freakin’ idea why they felt I would be qualified to do this, but they did, and so I did. You see, the catch was, they were allowing me to thank the state for their funding and support of Autism research and assistance as well.  BONUS!

It was a luncheon and it was in the State Capitol building. Yeah, no pressure there, huh? We arrived, I shook hands with some very important looking people (I had only heard of two of them… I’m so very in sync with our government aren’t I?), and proceeded to sit down and sweat. A LOT. Bit my fingernails a lot too.  Then we ate. (this is riveting stuff, I know). Meatloaf, corn and some weird potatoes with cornflakes on top.. What the heck kind of meal is that for a formal luncheon? Oh well. It wasn’t too bad, if you like heavy gassy food before getting up to speak in front of a lot of important people. With corn in your teeth. OK, I’m over it now.

After we ate, we were introduced by the Commissioner of the Committee that we shall discuss in another post.  My husband spoke first. He did really really well. Then.. me. I actually think I did rather well. I saw some with tears in the eyes, which was impressive and unexpected. I cried, of course, because that’s what I do 🙂 I took the time toward the end of my speech to thank them for their help and support in Autism Research and their support of all other disorders affecting childhood. I know, Autism isn’t just a disorder of childhood, I just didn’t know how to include ADHD and Mood disorder in Bubba’s case.

Following the speech, several members of the state shook our hands and thanked us for our time. One woman, who is also a director for our Health and Human services came up and hugged me. She asked me if I had the support I needed for our Special Needs Kids. I wasn’t entirely sure what she meant and commented that our family was here. She wanted to know if I had the support of other moms in the area who are going through similar things, and the medical support we need. I had to tell her that I wasn’t sure. I am not even sure what we should have. She smiled sadly and nodded. She understood how hard this road is, and without directions, how can you find a destination?? This amazing wonderful woman, is giving my the names of two very influential people who run state funded groups for Mothers of Special Needs kids. She is also giving them my names. AMAZING.

A little networking goes a long way.  This just reminds me of Mad. Everyone seems to worry if he is suffering with his “illness.” First of all, not an illness! Second, He doesn’t know any differently. He doesn’t know what it is he should be doing, so how can he be suffering? I don’t know what help I should have, and so I don’t go looking for it.

We have come so far, but the road is so long. There are no lights on the road, no directions to follow, and no specific destination in mind. I guess I’ll just blast the music and enjoy the ride!


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  1. @jencull
    Mar 08, 2011 @ 03:56:45

    Hiya, trying to email you but getting a delivery notification failure. Can you mail me a new address? Thanks. Jen


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