Progress.. Slowly but surely

So Mad-Hatter has still not  seen a speech therapist. Cynicism -1 Hope -0.  I don’t know what happened to all of the urgency, but POOF. Gone.

The OT was going to bring Mad a weighted blanket, in the hopes that this would keep him from head-banging at night… on the wall.. to the point where the neighbors are woken from their sleep. Yeah people, it’s that bad. She never did bring the blanket, but felt that he should try the brush. Any of you used this? Mad L.O.V.E.S it. He actually “asks” for it. Score 1 for the OT. But seriously, where’s the blanket?

We had our final dr’s appointment. She stated that she had read only the results of his ADOS evaluation on our last visit and feels that she made a rash decision. She has since read through the entire report, and finds it absolutely “mind-boggling” that he received normal score on several portions of the test. She has seen abnormal responses, in person, on several occasions now that contradict the findings on the ADOS. She feels that the whole test is invalid. Based on that, and on the observations she has made. She does indeed feel that he is somewhere on the spectrum. *Deep Breath*

She isn’t sure if he is H.F.A or Asperger’s as he displays symptoms of both. He has Echolalia and a major speech delay, which leans toward HFA, but the social problems lean toward Asperger’s. I don’t really care what they call it, as long as it opens the doors he needs for help. I am now filling out two more questionnaires to help place him. I just love love love questionnaires… Can you feel the sarcasm?

This should upset me, shouldn’t it? I mean, what kind of a Mom is relieved to hear this? Apparently, me. There is a name for his troubles, something tangible (sort of).  It’s also not much of a surprise. I have felt that he was on the Spectrum since he was a year and a half. The validation this provides is such a peace of mind that it outways the sadness at this point. Besides, who says this needs to be such a bad thing? I love him, he’s an awesome kid. He thinks differently, so what? He needs treatments, therapies, etc. but he’s still my baby.

More dr appointments at the end of March. More info to follow.

So tell me, What therapies have you tried? What should I be looking for?


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