Update and Cynicism

Well, that was an ugly cry, huh? Sorry about that. Much has happened since I posted just a couple of days ago. You see, our dear Dr. B is still wavering on this diagnosis “thing.” It sure LOOKS like Autism she says, but socially, not so much ( in her opinion). I personally just think we have taught him some social skills and that 4 siblings forces him to learn as well. It is wonderful that he CAN learn (I like caps lol) and all, but I just don’t know that this rules him out of the spectrum. Aaaannyyway…

Dr. B called Mad’s teacher in the Spec. Ed division of the school system and lit quite a fire. She told the teacher that “This child is in DESPERATE need of speech and occupational therapy, as well as organized formal teaching, preferably in a group setting.” WOW, go Dr. B.

Mrs. W (Our teacher from the school system) came out for our usual appointment on thursday. She suddenly had information regarding a Developmental Play Group held once a week for Special needs kids, a weighted lap blanket (to help with his head banging and rocking? Anyone?? How does this help?), and wrist bracelet for me and hubby that has Pecs and prompts for social stories on it and more. In addition, Speech therapy will now be once a week at least, OT every two weeks, and of course Mrs. W every week as well. Even more than that, we are to get him in private therapy for Speech and OT (thanks insurance, love you kbai).

While this all sounds good in theory, part of me wants to hold back from the excitement. I am concerned that it may fall through, so something will happen to change things. Maybe that is silly of me, but the cynicism has been born and there is no reversing it at this point.

Bubba and his new meds are going.. well.. they’re going. Holy crash, Batman! When that stuff wears off, it does it with a bang. It is almost worse than before he was on it. I think it is helping him at school, though, and that is what really matters. We will see how it affects him during the day as the weekend begins. Did that make sense? Heck if I know.

The baby is talky mctalkerson lately. He cracks me up. I want to eat him 🙂

Gertrude Ann is doing great! She loves school and she loves her friends.. Even if I don’t, but that’s a different post.

Well, I think that’s it for now. I’ll keep you updated… I should probably get back to “work.” SSSHHHH, don’t tell.


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  1. @jencull
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 03:58:35

    I understand that you don’t want to get excited, but it is great to see things moving forward, especially after being suckerpunched so recently. Have all possible body parts crossed for you. Hugs. Jen


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