Who’s on First?

So Mad-Hatter is trying to speak with us these days. I say trying because it has a tendency to turn into a Who’s on First like skit. By the time we are done I am not sure what we were talking about in the first place. While this isn’t totally unusual of his twin, Mad-Hatter’s conversations can be alternately hilarious and frustrating.

Bubba also had a rough time yesterday. I think it was all of the excitement of the impending snow storm that was more or less non-existent. An extra “calm-down” pill brought him back down to a more manageable speed and he did some AMAZING coping and self-calming. Risperadol, how I love thee!

Gertrude has been pushing buttons lately. I don’t understand it. I swear she is starting puberty early. Oh boy.. one day she is going to read this and kill me. She got her first zit the other day. She has been stomping around and slamming the doors and generally making us all pull our hair out. What is it with 8 years old?????

On the evaluation front, Mad had his first appointment with the new Neuropsych who we shall now call Dr. B. She is AMAZING. She played with him in ways that no one has ever before. She saw the extent of his Stimming and how it keeps him from playing, listening etc. It was really great. It gives me hope that maybe this will be the time that we get the diagnosis and all of the help that he needs and deserves. We are running out of time. When I say that, when I think of it, I feel my soul cry. I hate what this system has done to us, to ALL of us.

Funny stories to relate:

Bubba has a new obsession with Star Wars since his Nana bought him the Lego Star Wars game for the Wii. He reached a part where he needed more help than Mommy can give and so Daddy and I worked together to get it done. You have to grab these block/bombs with a tow rope and drag them trough obstacles to blow up some other block/bomb things.. I know.. Awesome descriptions. Daddy and I were teasing each other as we both messed up repeatedly. Bubba started laughing hysterically and said “this is better than Cable!!” Little cretin 🙂

While at Dr. B’s office, Mad and Dr. B were tossing a ball. Well, SHE was tossing the ball. He was stimming and getting hit in the chest over and over.. Oh, well. ANYWAY, She asked how old he was.. He said “I’m Madden.” We had taught him to say this in response to “what is your name?” as a script. Now all questions are answered this way. She asked him again, he gave the same answer. Over and over they did this. She then took her hand and patted his chest stating “I’m 3!” hoping to get him to copy her. His answer? “I’m 3 too!!!!”

They crack me up.


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