Out of the Mouth of Babes.. Alternately titled: Stupid things my kids say

Hello! Welcome! How do you do? As an introduction into the wonderful sockless disaster nightmare.. Allow me to introduce you to the things you may hear while visiting our abode. It is usually sarcastic and hilarious, at least to me 🙂

Mommy ( that would be me. Oh, you knew that? Ahem… )

” Where the he!! are the socks?? I swear I just brought a basket up here!!” Small child walks by wearing socks as mittens, leg warmers and Daddy’s tube socks as a hat.. “*(&@#*(^$&@#$(&@#*(&”


When I commented that the picture he was coloring was really bright and colorful, almost psychedelic.  “Everyone’s a critic!”

When I asked him to please ” Get the cat! Get the cat! Get him!!! Get him off of that!!!” ( He – the cat, not the kid – was trying to get in my Church clothes and I was changing the baby. Cat’s no fool, Mama’s hands were tied) Bubba’s response: “THANK YOU DR. SEUSS!!”

Yesterday, when asked if he would please wake up his Sister. She was napping and if she naps, THERE WILL BE NOOOO SLEEP that night… for anyone… at all… Two seconds later he skips down the hallway and flops on the couch. Screaming echoes down the hallway. Bubba dusts his hands and announces “The job is DONE.”

Mad- Hatter:

Announced that his binky (shut-up don’t judge me) has holes in the sides. You know the air-vents? I told him it was “cool.” He looked confused, pulled it out of his mouth, felt the nipple and told me “NO! Is not! Is warm!”

“Mad, did you eat lunch today?” “Nope” Mind you, I know he ate three bowls of mac and cheese, it was monumental, which is why I am asking… ” Nope” “hmm.. Daddy said you ate Mac and Cheese” ” Nope, ate Grammy!!” “HUH???” “Grammy to see” OOOHH “Grammy took you to see the lights?” “Yogurt!!!!!!!!”     WTF?!?!?!



SIGH.. They are killing me. Slowly.. with laughter. I will post more, but this just seemed like a good time to get something! Anything!! posted. I keep meaning to stat and this will hold me to it..

So tell me (if anyone with a pulse sees this) what funny things have your kids said lately?


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